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MX Aircraft is a North Carolina based company specializing in the production and sales of the MX2 and MXS line of Sport, Aerobatic and Race aircraft.

The company was founded in 2001 to design and build the next generation aerobatic monoplane.

Our goals included major improvements
in speed, maneuverability and smoothcrisp, responsive controls.

The planes enthusiastic reception by veteran race, air show and aerobatic pilots, (and a backlog of orders) has confirmed the success of the program.

But don't take our word for it. If you are interested in an MX2 or MXS we urge you to talk to pilots who have flown them.

Both the MX2 and MXS have been professionally engineered utilizing "state of the art" computer design and structural analysis.

We use all "Toray" carbon fiber in our aircraft to ensure maximum structural potential.

This certified aerospace grade material is arguably the best available in the market today which is the very same used in many of today's military aircraft and provides both superior strength and unsurpassed fit and finish of the airframe components.

Each individual component is designed to "fair" into the next providing a smooth and efficient airframe.

Maintenance costs are also greatly reduced with the use of this material since there are no rubber moldings or fabric to worry about.