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The  MXS was designed to set a new standard in unlimited performance aircraft in a somewhat aging aerobatic market place. It is a close relative to our already popular MX2 but with more design emphasis placed on performance and agility.
...the MXS is a showcase of visible engineering detail...

The   MXS  is  a  single  seat,  carbon  fiber  aircraft  utilizing  advanced, state-of-the-art  composite  materials, sophisticated development  tools, novel  processes  and  world  class  engineering skills blended to create a unique  combination of structural performance, quality and durability. With immediate  presence  both  dynamically  and  statically,  the  MXS  clearly demonstrates  its  purpose  and  intent.  This  presence  and aggression is communicated   through   technology  on  show. 

Combined  with  technically justifiable  design  features  the MXS is a showcase of visible engineering detail.